Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This is Mostly What Happens at a Theme Park

I didn't want to ruin the kids' day at Legoland, but I mostly had sarcastic thoughts running through my head during our day at a theme park. I don't think I do theme parks well. Because....

You wait in line for an hour in order to do anything.

Still in line.

A little closer.

Oh, a pretty flower. I'll look at this for a while.

Well, at least they're past the pole now.

Harrison is a wonderful sport about all the waiting. Good thing he loves to stand around and observe.

They're next, thank goodness.

All that waiting and we have an escapee. Looked too scary close up.

Phoebe bravely goes first.

And it's too scary to stand up, so she ducks down the whole time.

And now she's mad. We truly did not make her ride it ~ it was her choice.

Jon's turn ~ he ducks down too.

Aaahhh ~ it's over! And that was just one ride. We did this all day. :-)

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lillie said...

Phoebe is too cute! She reminds me so much of my Emma.