Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Many Lego Pieces Does It Take?

One of my favorite parts about Legoland were all the "statues" and figures around the park that were made out of Lego. Somebody has a really cool job ~

Sitting in the Welcome sign.

You could buy a quarter pound of Legos for $8.99. There were lots of stores featuring different kinds of Legos to buy: mini-figures, Lego sets, girl Legos..... We managed to escape the place without making any Lego purchases. Buying a meal cost enough.

Mini-land was pretty cool. There were all kinds of scenes from around the US. The kids recognized the three buildings from New York that you sent to them, Uncle Cory. I should have gotten a picture of them in front of "their building"; but my brain didn't think of it until too late.

The rides were kind of a bust for our kids. There just weren't very many that they wanted to ride.

The Driving School was fun though.

He did get a little nap.

We were VERY tired by the end of the day. It was worth the cheap group price we paid through our homeschool group. My boys do love Legos. And the girls don't mind them either.

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