Thursday, August 18, 2011

McDonalds Treat

I think this day was the first day we ever bought the kids Happy Meals. We usually just buy a sandwich or nuggets to split or something. But I thought I'd treat them this day. Elizabeth got the under 3 toy for Harrison and Jonathan got a Star Wars light saber which he really wanted.

I remember my Momo taking us to McDonalds for our birthday. Growing up, that was about the only time we ever ate at McDonalds. It's a special memory. Then I worked at McDonalds for three years and now their food is not so special anymore. :-) Eeegghhh. I do like their fish sandwiches. And they have good coffee drinks now.

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Holly C said...

We usually just split a sandwich too (and I don't care for McDonald's either! ;) ) but it is fun to have a treat now and then! The kids are getting so big, they're so cute!