Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jonathan is Seven!

Jonathan wanted a little bit of a farm theme for his family birthday this year. So we had a barn piñata and a tractor cake. They played games at Ollie Koalas and opened gifts. He was so excited about his presents and cards! Sha, baby.


Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of Jonathan's birthday. So enjoyed seeing them. Did you make the "Barn" pinata? I was a bit too slow at first :) to catch the significance of the two colored frosting on the tractor cake until Paul said "its the difference between tilled and untilled soil!" Love all of you and thanks for sharing part of your lives with us.

Jennifer Clouse Photography said...

love it! Kids love the simple things so much! We plan on doing a pinata for Noah as well :)