Friday, February 4, 2011

Simple Efficiency

We have pizza every Saturday for lunch. It's cheap: $5 for two Tony's pizzas at Wal-Mart. We love it for once a week (more than once might be blecchh). One day Phillip took care of Saturday lunch while I was indisposed. He changed just a couple things that made lunch so much easier!

First, he cut the kids' pizza into four slices. I was trying to cut theirs into 6 equal slices so they could each have two. But if you cut 4, and then cut the last one into 3.... It saves maybe 30 seconds of time, but it really makes life easier!

I used to put each pizza on a pan to cut them (we put them in the oven without a pan; the bottom crisps better and faster). More dishes to wash!

Phillip opened up the pizza box and laid the cooked pizza right on top. Fold and throw away!

So simple, but brilliant. Thank you, darling!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like something his Dad would come up with--- "be efficient and work smart!" Mom/Elayne/Mimi

Tonya said...

Men are so great at coming up with ideas to make things simpler!