Monday, April 13, 2009

Resurrection Day!

I love Easter! Everyone dresses up and special programs and music are done at church and there are lots of new people to meet. We're celebrating something only we Christians can celebrate fully! Jesus rose from the grave and is in heaven waiting for us! It's the cornerstone of our faith. It's very encouraging and I really enjoyed it yesterday. We had a thank-you breakfast at church, so I didn't have to make breakfast (or clean up afterwards). Then Phillip and I got to sit together in church service (which rarely happens on a Sunday morning). We think we may have had 5,000 people total for the weekend, so that's exciting. Then I taught my 3 year old class with 4 visitors (yea!). We went home for the kids to "open" their Easter baskets (books, a cute chocolate candy in the form of snail, frog, and turtle, markers for Liz, toys for Jon and Phoebes, and music DVDs from CedarMont kids) and grab the coleslaw I made. Then we went to some friends' for a late lunch and egg hunt for the kids. It was a great day!

Saturday night curling of the hair for the special coming Day. This is the first time I've curled Phoebe's hair and she sat really still for me. Please excuse my dirty bathroom mirror. I did clean it last night. :-)

Beautiful clothes all around!


Blessed Mommy said...

Looks like you day a wonderful and blessed Resurrection Day. Everyone looks beautiful. Many blessings

Jessica said...

The kids looked adorable! The girls in their pretty dresses and curly hair and Jonathan in his tie and shirt!