Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elizabeth is 7

Well, not yet. Tomorrow is her birthday, but we celebrated tonight because it was family night (therefore cheaper) at the skating rink and I have a little party to go to tomorrow night.

Elizabeth wanted a winter themed birthday. We just did family birthdays this year. It's hard to have all those kids over every year!

She designed the cake and helped me decorate it. It looks rather lovely, if I do say so myself! And very simple to do.

We went ice skating. Well, we tried. Jonathan made one round around the rink. Then he sat out with Daddy and Phoebe. They went to a different (warmer) room and watched some basketball. Elizabeth and I went around two more times and then we were ready to go. Ice skating looks so fun and romantic when you watch someone do it who has done it a while. We're just choppy. Oh well, we did what Elizabeth wanted to do, so it was fun.

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