Monday, December 22, 2008

Conscientious or Tattle Tale?

Jonathan seems to be more rules-oriented than most young children. He likes to make sure everyone obeys the rules, and if they don't.... well, he makes sure an authority figure knows about it. His peers would say he's a tattle tale. I prefer to think he's conscientious.

Today Phoebe got another snack to go along with the one she already had which is "against the rules" (She had hot chocolate and grabbed a candy cane). Jonathan started to say something to me, and Elizabeth interrupted with a snotty, "What... are you gonna tattle tale, buddy?". Then Jonathan comes into the "parlor" where I was knitting and silently pointed to his candy cane and pointed to Phoebe. I said, "Did you want to tell me something?" with a smile on my face. He said, "No, I just.... well, Phoebe...." I stopped him to talk to him about not tattle telling (he needs to worry about his own business and not whether everyone else is doing what's right: a legalist in the making, Phillip says), and then waited a few minutes before I went into the kitchen to take the candy cane from Phoebe. I had to smile at his attempt Not to tattle tale though.

Above is a picture of Jonathan dancing. He loves to do these crazy dances to make us laugh.

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