Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun (?) with Phoebe

She is one crazy girl! On this particular day, she was alone in the bathroom, and we could hear her playing with running water while Phillip and I talked in the bedroom. Finally she started crying. We found her sitting on the countertop with shampoo covering her body and the mirrors and bubbles abounding in the sink as the running water hit the shampoo. Every time she cried, a huge bubble would come out of her mouth. This annoyed her, but it was great fun for Dad and I. At least there was a little joy in the mess! After I bathed her, she was cold; so I put on this sweater that I made for Elizabeth years ago. Then she untied and pulled out Dad's shoestrings, so he's fixing them in the picture.

On Wednesday Elizabeth tried out some homeschool classes at Jacksonville Zoo. While she was in class, the other two and I went to the zoo for a little while and then spent some time in a main room with other homeschool families who were waiting for their kids to finish class. Phoebe was watching a little girl about 6 months younger than she and was reaching out to her saying, "Ahh, babeey!" The little girl just looked at her and all of a sudden her arms shot out and she pushed Phoebe down! Phoebe was shocked to say the least. She stood up and shook her finger at her (could have been a fist that she was prepared to hit her with) and yelled some babble at her and was crying a little. She then sat down on a chair next to me and just looked at the girl as if trying to examine the situation and figure out what happened. I told the mom not to worry, that Phoebe was the bully at home and so needed to see how it felt to be bullied. Anyway, since then Phoebe has been extra "tough" with the kids: she's been biting and hitting and pinching. I don't think she learned her lesson. We'll keep working on breaking this habit!

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Sidje said...

LOL!! Fun indeed. Your children are awesome.