Saturday, September 27, 2008

Camp with Dad

Our church had Camp with Dad last night and this morning. Dads and their kids (6 years and up) could set up their tents at the church property and do camp stuff (campfire, games, devotions, singing, etc). So Elizabeth and Phillip got to do that yesterday and today. Tiring, since no one slept very well; but Elizabeth was ecstatic and has lots of good stories to share about her "first camping experience that she remembers", as she calls it.

Here's the pile of laundry from just one night! I look forward to when the kids go to church camp since I loved it as a kid, but I don't look forward to the laundry.

A picture of the two of them.

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Blessed Mommy said...

Love Church camp. My 6 yr old ds and I went this year and had a blast. Yes, we too, had loads of laundry.