Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On the way to the zoo

Mrs. Elaine and Mr. Gerald have taken the kids to the zoo a few times in the past months. This picture is from last Monday. I wish I had pictures of them at the zoo, but I enjoy my time with Phillip on those days and so will gladly forgo the pictures!

The zoo I went to as a kid had lots of concrete and animals in cages. Now they have whole habitats with safari and jungle and desert and lake. Wooden walkways, lots of shady trees overhead, a train to ride on, water play area, carousel, restaurant, science building.... And those are only the things I remember from the one time I was there. You can definitely make a day of it. Which I'm glad the Grady's do. :-)

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Amy said...

Sounds so fun! I wish they had a zoo like that around here!