Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Phillip!

Even though Phillip thinks Father's Day is a made-up holiday, the kids still like to celebrate it! They kept asking if Daddy was going to give them anything for Father's Day (like share his chocolates they gave him ~ or will he give us something to tell us "Thank you"?). Jonathan colored some chairs for him. Elizabeth made a card with some "Dick and Jane" printed inside (Dick said, "Come Father. Watch Jane jump." or something like that) and a drawn iPod. She also gave him some money from her treasure box. Phoebe is tired and maybe sick today, so she's mostly cried and cuddled with Dad.

On a side note, Phillip's been getting requests for his Marriage sermon series on CD. A lady emailed today (and I think several have said) that they would be willing to pay for them! He finished the series today, and you can listen online at the church website:

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