Friday, January 18, 2008

First School Exam for Elizabeth!

This week we concentrated on the first trimester exam for school. I wrote up 16 questions for Elizabeth to answer and she did 3 or 4 a day. The first day she was tired and crabby and it's reflected in her answers. But even though she didn't always give long answers, I can tell she knows and understands quite a bit.

1) We've been reading through the Bible. Choose one of the following events to describe: Creation, Noah's Flood, Ten Plagues of Egypt. "There was a Flood. Boat. Animals."

2)We've worked on memorizing some Bible verses and other things. Choose one to quote: Genesis 1:1, Genesis 2:7, Genesis 1:31a, months of the year, days of the year, portion of poem by Moina Michael. (she chose Genesis 1:1 and quoted it after I gave her the first two words.)

3)Tell me the days of the week or months of the year. (She gave the days of the week without mistakes.)

4)Tell me something about a painting one of the artists we studied this term painted: Audubon, Monet, Mary Cassatt. "Audubon painted birds. Crane. Brown. Kind of tannish brown. And then there was white. A log."

5) Which musician did you enjoy listening to and why: Bach, Mozart, Chopin? " Don't have a favorite. I like them all. Chopin did the Polanaise."

6) Describe a heron to me: What does it look like? What does it eat and how? Where do you usually find one? "White. Sometimes does this (she crouched her head into her chest indicating the neck brought in as a heron does when it flies.) and this (she walked with stiff legs). And they eat together. You see them at the pond. It eats fish and swallows them."

7) Write your name below. (I love her creative mind. She wrote "Elizabeth" with the letters getting larger as she wrote. She wrote "Lanaya" below it with curly q's added. Then she wrote Gore within the letters in "Elizabeth".)

8) Tell me about an event in Laura Ingall's life. "They had Christmas. When Pa was in the Blizzard. They didn't have any candy or firecrackers." (Don't know where the firecrackers came from, but Pa had to eat the candy while he was stuck in the blizzard.)

9) Remember a fable from Aesop for me. "Was there one with a bunney and a turtle? They raced. THey wanted to see who was fastest. The turtle won. He was the slowest. The rabbit rested."

10) Draw parallel lines below. (she drew an angle instead :-)

11) County by 2's to 10. (she counted by 2's to 12)

12) Point out to me these objects (from a Spanish book). (I gave 13 words and she got all correct but two.)

13) Show me on a map where Paddle-to-the-Sea's journey took place. (She pointed to Lake Superior which is correct.)

14) Choose 5 pictures from the timeline and tell me about it. "Mary Cassatt: She did paintings; and we had a book from the library and I didn't know who the other baby was! Beethoven: he wasn't a very good player; he couldn't hear; he's the only one, I think, who was a little bit frustrated. Noah's Ark: There was a flood because the people were stealing? ; 2 by 2 animals; the ark; the people sunk but not Noah. Laura Ingalls: she was in the woods, prairie, Plum Creek, and Silver Lake; She traveled a lot and she wrote books. Moses: lots of water; 10 Plagues; some of the people were coming ~ The people who were mean; the first starting is the picture (the picture is the crossing of the Red Sea)."

15) Describe one of the plants we planted and tell what a plant needs to grow. "Orange tree and it's starting to grow. It has nice green leaves, but that's all it has. I hope it will grow. Plants need dirt, water, sunshine, and shade. Most people don't say the shade part."

16) Tell me what you remember about Benjamin Franklin. "He liked to sail on boats. He was a post-writer or writer or something. He ran away when he was a kid."

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