Thursday, January 31, 2008

First ER visit

Well, we've never had to go to the emergency room until a couple of nights ago. Phoebe woke up at 11 pm coughing an awful cough and struggling to breath with rasping breaths. Once Phillip got her up she stopped crying, but she kept breathing awful deep breaths that sounded painful. So Phillip took her to the ER and they were there till 3 pm. A nurse told him right away that it was viral croup, but a Physicians Assistant came to check on her. Then a doctor. Then they needed to do some treatments. Then they had to wait an hour to watch her. All of this with lots of time in between. So Phillip didn't get a lot of sleep, but bless him for taking her! She hasn't had the breathing or coughing trouble, so she'll be fine, I think. She just got over strep throat a couple weeks ago. Poor girl.


Heidi said...

Hope she feels better soon! Poor little girl.

mmeyers3 said...

Hey, I saw your mom yesterday. Email me when you have time.