Saturday, September 3, 2016


We are four weeks into school and it's going very well. I'm surprised at how well, actually, and that scares me a little. What's around the corner? 

The older kids can all do a little more work on their own than they were doing last year. Harrison is quick with math. (Math is one of the longest subjects around here.) We've combined more of the kids for more subjects. We're using more age-appropriate books than we've used in the past. This year I was finally able to pull away from AO with their too-mature books for my students. I am using AO, along with several other websites, as a book-list resource. They recommend some really great books, but I'm finding I would use many of their titles a year or two later than what they suggest. And since they are aiming for close to free, many of their suggestions are older public domain and not as accessible to a young one, in my opinion. 

I find this year that I'm not rushing through readings like I used to. I have time to enjoy what we're doing. I'm very thankful for this ~ thankful for my husband and others who encouraged me to simplify; thankful for the internet and all the blogs and advice and resources out there; thankful to God for answering prayer and caring about school schedules.

Selfie at church.

Harrison's bubble beard ~ inspired by Phoebe, no doubt.

Swimming at the Travis' after Taylor's baptism.

At Oak Haven park with Charlize, sweating and spying out deer. We probably saw 50 at the park and driving around the neighborhood.

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