Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jonathan's 11th Birthday

Jonathan had a couple of friends over for his birthday this year. 
Elizabeth made Minecraft Diamond Cupcakes at his request.

He wanted to do the ropes course at Natural Bridge Caverns for his chosen birthday activity. This is the third time he's done it. Uncle John and Aunt Kristy started him on to something, I do believe, when they took us the first time!

It's four stories high. But you're harnessed in, and once you get used to it, the heights aren't bad. I saw a girl loose her footing on a rope and the harness caught her just fine.

There they are: Jonathan, Wyatt and Westley.

And what do you know ~ Legos for his birthday. It's like somebody knows him.

Another fun item that continues to entertain the kids.

This isn't from the birthday but from a day we had some fun roller skating.

Alisa and Emily.

Jonathan and William.


Elizabeth refuses to let me post pictures of her. 

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

As always I love your posts of the kids' events. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Love all "6" of you!!!