Saturday, February 1, 2014

Let's Rodeo, San Antonio

Pictures from the Cattle Drive parade downtown today. I was just having a Facebook discussion with my sister about parades these days. They just don't make 'em like they did when we were kids in a small town. This one was still enjoyable. Nothing like the threat of getting gored by a Longhorn to put some excitement in your day. The Longhorns were the best part.

We got free cookies from the What-a-Burger booth and bandanas for playing this little toss game with HEB. 

 Crowds are mainly what we saw until some nice people let the kids get right up front.

 I'm sure the cowboys had it under control, but the cattle would jump on each other every now and then and turn and stare at you while you backed away from the flimsy orange netting that was all that protected you from their very sharp-looking horns. Still the best part.

 These guys were playing "Mairi's Wedding." It's a folksong we learned last year that Harrison often asks for me to sing to him at night. 

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