Sunday, January 5, 2014

Short Road Trip

Phillip kept the kids while I made a day trip to Louisiana to see Momo. It was beautiful and clear and I timed it just right so I was never stuck in traffic. 

Sun coming up.

 Flags flying proud.

 Sunset before Lake Charles. It was gorgeous for a good half-hour.

 Panorama from the Louisiana rest stop. There's a nice short hike through the swamp ~ good for stretching your legs.

And now my rant about my nemesis: Houston Traffic. So I arrived in Houston late enough so that I wouldn't be stuck sitting in traffic. It was flowing well, but everyone was zooming past me! The speed limit is 60 mph and cops were out, but that didn't slow them down. 80 mph seemed to be the average speed - except for two cars in front of me who were going 55. Why, people? I compose copious Tweets and Facebook posts in my mind while avoiding the rocks in this stream of traffic. Once we finally leave Katy, TX, I'm so happy to have survived the ordeal that all perfectly worded sound-bites escape my brain and I pull into the Love's truck stop for a bathroom break. 

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

I think you are a totally brave woman!!