Friday, November 22, 2013

Clove Apple

A Laura Ingalls book inspired this clove apple as a warm-spice centerpiece. Laura's aunt gave one to Ma for Christmas. I didn't think making a clove apple would be that hard or very expensive, so I tried my hand at it. Phoebe helped too. 

At first I tried to make a pretty design with the cloves, but I soon realized the rest of the apple would not hold up well without cloves in them. We first poked the holes with a bamboo skewer to make clove-placing easier. This apple took 5 packages of Fiesta Brand whole cloves. Each package cost $1.14. I already had the evergreen and cranberry sprigs. The dish was from Target for $3, I think. So it really is a neat little gift to give for not a lot of money. It did take several hours to fill the apple with cloves. I poked holes while watching TV, so no wasted time. Oh, it smells delicious too!

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

I like the Clove Apple -- so pretty. Looks like Christmas. Sounds like it took quite a while to make it…but I believe it is worth it. Might try one when we get to TX. Hope I can see yours on our way down. Speaking of pretty -- I am referring to the cutie who is giving the Clove Apple the sniff test.