Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kids Again

I feel so boring with these blog posts with them being mostly random pictures of the kids. Seems like they should be themed or something. But on to it!

Harrison takes our Blokus game and spends a lot of time fitting all the pieces onto the board. This is a harder feat than you might imagine since the pieces are different shapes. He would pick up one piece to fit in a new one and then have to find a place for that formerly fitted piece. He calls this Making My T-Rex. 

We went to our neighbor's baby shower at Golden Corral. The kids were very impressed with the chocolate fountain.

And a far-away shot of our soon-to-be baby neighbor.

We found a free Halloween thingy at a garden center. Bounce house, hay bale maze, pumpkins, lots of bugs, and a few too many scary things.

Harrison is loving Avengers. Here's his new Captain American shield which he got as a prize for meeting certain potty training standards.

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