Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life List Revisited

Five years ago I  made a life list of goals I thought I might want to accomplish at some point. Goals are nice, right? Having something to work toward. (Is it "towards" or "toward"? I've been wondering that lately.)

It's kind of funny to look over a list made five years ago. Some of the things I'd forgotten I'd written, but still would like to do: like #3 and and #7. Some I really don't care about anymore: like #11 and maybe #12. Some I've actually done! Like #2. That's about the only one I've really done, as a matter of fact. Hmmm. And at the time I thought it was the most far-fetched.

1. Invent 12 new recipes. 
2. Write a book.
3. Travel with my kids to the Northeast, Ireland, England for learning purposes.
4. Travel with my kids on a missions trip.
5. Travel with my husband for enjoyment (so probably not with kids).
6. Learn how to swim well (comes from living near so much water and driving over bridges).
7. Take a pottery class where I learn how to use the pottery wheel.
8. Sit in an outside hot tub with snow all around (Amy, is this really as fun as it sounds?).
9. Decorate my home better.
10. Be totally debt-free (including our home!).
11. Be on Food Network :-).
12. Work in/ own/ or manage a coffee shop ~ it just seems like it would be a fun place to work and I love the smell!
13. Plant a garden with at least 6 different fruits/veggies.
14. Volunteer or work in library.
15. Be involved with mission work somehow (besides just giving money).



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