Sunday, August 25, 2013

Outdoor Adventures

I love getting the kids outdoors as much as possible, and last week was great for this. Some friends have a farm west of San Antonio and we spent a full day there on Thursday. 

Despite the awesome outdoor adventures awaiting, the kids needed a little bit of a screen-time break. TV, iPads, iPhones, laptops. Funny kids.

The "mule" was a highlight. The kids could drive it themselves (and taught Elizabeth and Jonathan also), so they took many trips around the property throughout the day.

We did find one scorpion. But no black widows.

And yesterday we went to Cibolo Nature Center so Elizabeth could try out her revamped sailing vessel. They have a replica of a set of dinosaur footprints which everyone thought was so cool. 

It floats! And it can carry a kid (not a mom, however; I got a little wet trying). It wants to tip, so Elizabeth will be revamping again.

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