Sunday, April 14, 2013

Phoebe Turns 7

This year we are doing family birthday celebrations (next year will be friend parties). Phoebe wanted her dad to take her to the Alamo gift shop for her birthday. So Phillip took her on Friday and she picked out a horse necklace, then they headed to McDonalds for lunch.

 This is the gift Elizabeth made for Phoebe. She painted a styrofoam head that she bought from Hobby Lobby and then made a lot hairstyles out of yarn. Phoebe can add her choice of hair to the doll and cut and style it. 

For lunch Phoebe wanted to have a picnic on the top of "our hill." But her choice for lunch was fettucine alfredo with orange slices and rolls. I really didn't want to hike up the hill with a full meal, so we ate at home and hiked up with cupcakes and gifts. She enjoyed it.

Later that evening, the girls tried to trick the neighbors by dressing Phoebe up like a boy and introducing him as new to the neighborhood. Cutest boy I ever saw.....

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