Monday, January 17, 2011

Figuring It Out

Well, I posted a facebook note a couple weeks ago in which I asked for encouragement and advice on how to "get it all done" with 4 kids and homeschooling and all the life stuff that needs done. I got Great encouragement and advice; all of which I appreciate! One stellar piece was for me to ask my husband for advice. Sure enough, Phillip and I had a great talk that night and he came up with some amazing solutions for simplifying life. Seriously, if anyone needs some help simplifying (job, life, schedules, etc), Phillip has great ideas on efficiency. He could be a life coach. :-)

I wanted to share my progress over the past couple weeks though. First, the ideas we came up with are:

1. Lunch was moved to one hour later. It's our big meal which I cook, but it was hard to finish much schooling in the morning with lunch bumping into the morning. So now we eat at 12:30.

2. We are using paper plates/bowls and plastic cups. A great time saver when it comes to cleaning up three meals a day!

3. Phillip has taken over supper. I made a list of what the kids can eat each night of the week and he makes it for them. Before I was letting the kids choose their own supper (things like tortillas and cheese/ sandwiches/ etc). They would all choose something different and then a big mess would ensue and I dreaded supper and clean-up. There is one supper option for all kids now. And they eat in the kitchen and clean up their own minimal mess. No fuss, no muss.

4. I let go of one service area at church.

Those ideas have helped tremendously. As well as the encouragement to rethink my life with children right now. My family is my ministry. If I have one moment of breathing room in my week, I think that I should add something to my life. Forbid that I should ever be bored! I must pack every minute of my day, no? Then I add too much, get overwhelmed, and inevitably drop some commitments. I borrowed a book recommended by a preacher's wife: "Good Girls Don't Change the World". This was good in showing me something I've slowly been coming to realize over the years: People pleasers will drain themselves and either erupt or get depressed. And those who chase worth (or God's favor) through "doing enough" will find they can never "do enough" to earn worth or God's grace. Another book ("Managers of their Home") is helping for me to see how other families schedule their day and fit it all in. These are large families, so if they can do it, it can be done! But it's helping me see that I"m naturally good at scheduling, I just need someone (husband) to open my eyes that my life has changed and my schedule needs to adjust (new baby added; schooling more than one child now, etc). Anyway, we have gotten two full weeks of school in over the past two weeks, so I'm breathing easier and am so appreciative of the encouragement!!!!! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear things are going better for you. Our husbands are wonderful leaders! Glad that "Managers of Their Homes" is helping, and I'm interested in checking out the other book you talked about.

phillipsgirl said...

It's a good book, and short. It's called "Nice Girls Don't Change the World" (not "Good Girls"), by Lynne Hybels.

Jessica said...

I'm glad, Lanaya!!I've been thinking about you a lot since you sent that message. Life is overwhelming so ofte. I struggle when I get to the point where I react to things rather than things happening because of something I did.

Jennifer Clouse Photography said...

I love you Lanaya! You are such a genuine woman who I am blessed to call my friend!