Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blue Springs

We had a wonderful family trip with some friends from church to Blue Springs in Florida. It's a warm water spring which is home to manatees in the winter time. So we got to see a few manatees (although they were on the other side of the river and looked like blobs to us, so no pictures, sorry!) and some alligators and gar and other large fish and a turtle.

There's an old plantation home there. Here we're all on the porch enjoying the breeze and rockers. I would love to have a large porch with rocking chairs. We lived in an older home with a large porch when I was a kid and it was so fun to play on it; especially when it rained ~ you felt as if you had a wall around you when the rain would pour down so hard that you couldn't see through it.

The kids are standing in front a mosaic manatee.

We took a walk down the boardwalk to find the source of the springs which comes from underground. You can tube and swim and snorkel in the summer time. How'd you like to float down the river with the alligators?

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