Friday, November 21, 2008

Just living life...

It seems like it's been a while since I've blogged, but I haven't found much spectacular going on to blog about, I guess.
We're doing school (just finished Year 1 of Ambleside Online). We're preparing for holidays (a little. We aren't doing much this year ~ probably not even sending out Christmas cards!). We're doing church (I'm teaching a 3 year old class now). I'm knitting 3 hats and 2 scarves for a friend's grandchildren (yea! A project and I get to earn a little money!).

Just livin' life. Kind of nice!

Here is a rare moment when the kids are all sitting together and not fighting.

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Blessed Mommy said...

Nothing wrong with enjoying homeschooling, knitting, and well, life. Teaching a three year old class is wonderful and I am sure challenging. What a blessing you are to these children. We are going to try to keep things simple this year for Christmas and focus on Christ. You have a beautiful family. Many blessings.