Monday, March 17, 2008

Life List

A lady in small group has inspired me to write a short life list (list of goals to accomplish while on this earth). She has one and was telling us about it and what she's crossed off so far. I wrote one back when we were first married and I've accomplished or am in the process of accomplishing them right now, so I thought I'd come up with some new goals. I'm not especially adventurous, so this may sound boring to some. It also doesn't have some important goals like how many people will I affect spiritually (how do you know that number?). Here goes:

1. Invent 12 new recipes (I know, there's nothing new on this earth, but at least think them up myself instead of following someone else's recipe).
2. Write a book.
3. Travel with my kids to the Northeast, Ireland, England for learning purposes.
4. Travel with my kids on a missions trip.
5. Travel with my husband for enjoyment (so probably not with kids).
6. Learn how to swim well (comes from living near so much water and driving over bridges).
7. Take a pottery class where I learn how to use the pottery wheel.
8. Sit in an outside hot tub with snow all around (Amy, is this really as fun as it sounds?).
9. Decorate my home better.
10. Be totally debt-free (including our home!).
11. Be on Food Network :-).
12. Work in/ own/ or manage a coffee shop ~ it just seems like it would be a fun place to work and I love the smell!
13. Plant a garden with at least 6 different fruits/veggies.
14. Volunteer or work in library.
15. Be involved with mission work somehow (besides just giving money).


Anonymous said...

That is a great list! May the Lord bless it and enable you to accomplish it for his Glory!
Julie C

Amy said...

I admit it IS very nice. I am not a huge hot tub opposed to Jeff who is in there EVERY NIGHT. I def. do sit in there more when there is snow on the ground/it is snowing. You feel like you are cheating the bad weather and getting to enjoy it outside in warmth. How are you going to be able to accomplish this goal living in Florida?

phillipsgirl2 said...

I don't know yet, Amy! Maybe when I"m on vacation somewhere (although I'm not sure I can get PHillip to vacation in a snowy place during the winter time).