Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well, Christmas Day is just about over, and I'd say we had a good one this year. We got to be with Phillip's parents on Christmas Eve: we went to a Christmas Eve service at the church that was well done with lots of singing and Scripture (read by Phillip; Phoebe kept saying, "Da?" and wanted to go up there to him) and some really good stringed instruments which I love. Then we went to Mimi and Papa's camper for the kids to open their gifts from them and to have some snacks (fresh fruit dipped in chocolate, taco bites, miniature pulled pork sandwiches).

On Christmas Day we had Phillip's parents over for lunch ~ fried chicken strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, stuffed eggs and rolls. Mimi helped out a lot with preparing the lunch for which I was grateful. Phillip acted like he didn't recognize the mashed potatoes like he does every time I make them (he would like to have them a lot more often than I make them). The kids played with the toys from Mimi and Papa and from us.

After the grandparents left (headed out for Texas ~ "they've hit honeymoon mode again" ~ that's what Phillip's dad says about heading to Texas for the winter), I called to talk to my siblings and parents. I really enjoyed my conversations with them and am looking forward to when my parents will be here in a few days, Lord willing. I'm so thankful for healthy family relationships, and I love the relationship our parents have with our kids. God is a wonderful builder of relationships, so I thank Him.

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